Lola's 2nd Birthday Party ~ A Vintage Carnival


Lola's 2nd Birthday Party ~ A Vintage Carnival

Please enjoy all the photos from the big day!  I have provided links and info so you can throw your own Vintage Carnival Party for your special little one.  Be sure to watch the little movie I put together here to remember such a special day.

So here is the finished party table, after the jelly castle failed to hold up I had to quickly come up with a replacement.....chocolate fondue did the trick!

This bunting, food labels and signs were all printed on my home printer after purchasing the design PDF for $10 off etsy.  The PDF contains stacks and stacks of options and was super easy to use.

Home made toffee apples!  What a hit!  Super cheap and easy to make, here is the recipe.  I didn't have any cream of tartar but it worked fine without it.

The lolly bags you can buy from heaps of places online but I just got mine from Domayne.  I also bought the matching ice cream cups here, super cute and the kids loved them!

What's a party table without these cute vintage mini milk bottles!  There are so many place to buy these online, I found they were the cheapest on eBay.  

Now for THAT cake!

So my 12 year old daughter found this cake here and insisted we make it.

After watching the video, I decided that it was a bit outside of my baking skills.  So I cheated and made two packet cakes, (White Wings Perfect Golden Cake) and a simple buttercream icing.  It was too easy!  I also used a 20cm baking tin to make sure it was nice and tall!

Printed off little bunting, glued onto some string, two skewers and voila the perfect cake topper!

Now for some games!

Lola already had the clam shell, bought some little rubber duckies from the $2 shop, (in the party prize section) screwed in some eyelets and put a hook in the end of a broom handle.  You can buy pre made packs here to save time.

Find the sacks for the sack races here.

Last but not least, the photo booth.  This was such an easy and pretty much free addition to the party.

I got all of the props from the fantastic blog Oh Happy Day, printed them out, cut them out and stuck them on to skewers....too easy!!!

So I hope I have given you lots of ideas and inspiration to create a fun vintage carnival party for your little special person!