Family Tree Photo Gallery

Family Tree Photo Gallery

There is nothing I love more than looking at old photos of people in my family.  I love how they give you this new perspective of people when they were young.  For years I only new my grandparents as "old people" with grey hair, because this was the only way I had ever known them. 

After my grandfather past, I put together a memorial slide show for his funeral.  My grandparents were no longer just the old people I had always known, but they were young, vibrant, I'd even say they were cool!  Instantly I felt a connection to their youth, hanging out at the beach, going for bike rides and just being young!   I love how it made me feel and I really wanted to make sure my girls had an understanding of where they came from and that the "old people" in their lives weren't always old!  So I decided to create a photo gallery of our family tree on our staircase wall, that way every time the girls use the stairs they can appreciate the people that make their story a reality.  There are a whopping six generations up there!

Now, to show you how easy and cheap this is to recreate in your own home!  The frames are from the Nyttja range from my favorite place in the whole world....Ikea!!  I decided to do all black, with all black and white photos, but you could do all white, or a mix.  I used these three sizes, SmallMedium + Large.

The best thing other than the price about these frames is they are thin and super light!  I just used double sided tape to hang them, (no holes in your wall!) and so much easier than nails.  They also have perspex instead of glass, so if one happens to get knocked off ("but mum, it just fell!") it won't smash into a million tiny pieces!

I laid them out on the floor in the layout I was happy with and took a photo so I could transfer them to the wall.  I did make a few changes once they were up though.  I would suggest you lay the frames out before you get your photos printed, decide what photo you want where and get them printed in the corresponding sizes

I chose to have the 3 girls in the largest frames roughly in the middle, with all of their family surrounding them.
So, if you are looking for something creative to do over the long weekend, this could be your answer! xx L.