Ikea Cubby House

Ultimate Cubby House On A Budget Decked Out By Ikea

I have three beautiful daughters but believe it or not we have never had a backyard cubby and I would love to give one to Lola for Christmas.  I had a pink and white lolly shop cubby when I was a little girl and I have wonderful memories of the days spent playing inside. 

 After hours of scouring the internet and being wowed by the amazing playhouses in the USA, I was extremely disappointed with what Australia has to offer.  I've always dreamt of creating a little home, fitted out with everything in mini size.  I am not a fan of the big ugly raw timber cubbies that are open to the elements not to mention the creepy crawlies. So in my travels I came across this adorable Alice play house from Hip Kids for $999 plus postage.

I love the the little windows that open and close and the half door is adorable.  I would paint mine to match our house in Antique White USA and Stowe White for the trim.  Even though I don't have a son, I just have to share the boy's option.

My ultimate inspiration for the interiors come from a cubby house I found online last year on blog havtorndesign

Isn't this just adorable, I want to move in tomorrow!

So below I have put together an Ikea shopping list to deck it out inside.  A few little DIY add ons by hubby are a must, the little bench seat and breakfast bench would be cheap and easy to install.   

1. DUKTIG 15 Piece breakfast set $14.99, 2. DUKTIG 10-piece coffee/tea set $19.99, 3. DUKTIG mini kitchen $199, 4. FEJKA artificial lavender $7.99, 5. DUKTIG 5-piece utensil set $5.99, 6. DUKTIG 4 piece cooking set $24.95, 7. JORDNOT hanging plater $9.99, 8. DUKTIG 8-piece salmon set $9.99, 9. DUKTIG Doll's Bed with linen $39.99, 10. FAGEL cushion $9.99, 11. FEJKA Artificial orchid $9.99, 12. MAJSKORN pot $0.99, 13. PS spotty cushion $10, 14. DREDRIKA curtain fabric $9.99/m, 15. MALIN LOV cushion $7.99 16. MALIN FIGUR cushion $10, 17. Assorted books from $3.99, 18. ROXO stool $9.99, 19. LAPPLJUNG cushion $9.99 20. LUSY BLOM Rug $99,  21. GLIS storage tubs $3.99/3 pack, 22. Chess floor tiles $3.40 each, 23. IRJA curtain rod set $1.99.

So all up for the cubby, paint and decor the grand total is $1999, give or take a few dollars.  Sounds pricey, but when you look at what cubbies are on the market for around the $2K, you get way more bang for your buck, not to mention the fun of putting it all together.  Imagine your little girls face when you take her outside and show her this dream cubby, absolutely priceless!  I think my 7yo and 12yo wouldn't be able to resist a play inside, not sure if they would admit it though. Now I just have to convince hubby it is worth the investment, maybe need to hit the grandparents up too :)!

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xx L.

Please note, I can't for the life of me find a credit for the cubby inspiration, so if anyone knows where these photos originated please let me know and I will credit them appropriately.

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