Beach Photo Shoot

Impromptu Beach Photo Shoot

On a recent family weekend getaway, my 12 year old daughter Kirra and I found inspiration in a the form of stick teepee that someone had built and left behind on the beach.  After coming to terms that my winter belly is here to stay, I splurged on a high-waisted Tigerlily swimsuit to suck me in, in all the right places. 

 Without it I would NEVER have felt comfortable doing this, not to mention there wasn't anyone else on the beach to make me feel like a right idiot.  Kirra shot all of these on my Fuji X100, a camera that brings back the romance of taking photos and even teaches my daughter how to take photos through a viewfinder, something she hasn't seen on a camera until now.  I just love Kirra's photography style, especially the angles she chooses to shoot from....what a little star!  

A selfie of me and my budding photographer.

xx L.

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