Living Room Ideas Board

Living Room Design Board ~ Mid Century Modern Style

My lovely friend Shara recently asked me for some fresh ideas and inspiration for her open plan living room.  I really love Shara's style, especially the mid century pieces she already has, so I decided to keep her style in mind when putting together this design board for her.

1. Jasper Arm Chairs - $999 each Oz Design Furniture
2. Austin Coffee + Side Tables - $799 + $1099 Oz Design Furniture
3. Rakel Oak Table Lamp - $104.25 Beacon Lighting
4. A Selection of coffee table books, essential to any successful living room design - From $15 Amazon
5. Spectator 3 seater sofa - $1599 Oz Design Furniture
6. Scatter cushions - there are endless choices available, oranges, yellows and greys will compliment this palette. Country Road from $39.99
7. Floor Rug - Various sizes and styles, The Natural Floor Covering Centre
8. Replica Kay Bojesen Teak Monkey - $85 Matt Blatt
9. Handmade Felt Billy Button Flowers - $30 for 10 Etsy
10. House + Garden Bottle Set of 3 - $29.95 Myer

If you too are looking to update your living room, I find the key to successful design in homes is combining new items with pieces you already have.  You would be surprised how many cool accessories you already have, things like children's toys...rubix cube, nesting dolls + tin robots look perfect on top of a stack of books .... old glass bottles or jars filled with shells you have collected yourself .... or my absolute favourite, the elusive sea urchin, I found one yesterday, score!!

xx L.