Christmas Bunting ~ Colour Sample Cards

Tis the season to be decorating 
+ I have the easiest Christmas bunting ever!  I've also included some other really easy decorating + gift ideas, enjoy.

Easiest Bunting EVER!! 
Here is how you do it....
All you need is, a selection of white, red + green paint sample cards, twine, a whole punch + some Command hooks to put it up.

Cut all of the cards into triangles and punch two holes in the top...
thread through twine...

hang randomly...
+ voila...the easiest Christmas bunting ever!

Another cute + easy decoration is some of these adorable paper doilies, around $2 for pack of 100 in a $2 store.

To add some instant colour to your tree, or change your entire colour scheme, just add thick ribbon bows to each decoration.

Why not make your own gift cards with some paint sample cards also :)

I hope you enjoyed my Christmas decorating ideas + if you have some spare time please have a look at some of my other posts + if you are feeling extra jolly please follow me via Facebook page.

xx L.

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