Wardrobe Styling Tips


Wardrobe Styling in 3 easy steps!

Before I get into the 3 easy steps, the most important key to your stylish new wardrobe is coat hangers! 
Coat hangers play an integral role in the success of any wardrobe.  The first step in approaching a messy and scattered closet is getting matching or coordinated coat hangers.  Not only does this make the whole wardrobe look better, but it allows for all shirts, skirts, jackets and pants to hang in the same way and at similar levels.  Clothes that hang at many different levels are easily wrinkled, become entangled and always look hodge podge.  As for those unsightly cheap wire hangers – they are completely awful, unattractive and terrible for your wardrobe!  Time to throw them out....NOW!!!  My favourite choice is the wooden hanger, they don’t tangle or snag, space clothes perfectly and they are not as expensive as you might think.  Big W have a 20 pack for $15.87, that is under 80 cents each.
Step 1. Edit
The biggest downfall of many wardrobes is definitely clutter.  I know if I go into a clothes shop that is cluttered with thousands of items hanging everywhere, I walk the other way!  It is the same with your wardrobe, you want to make it feel like a boutique clothing store, not St. Vinnies.  I guarantee you will want to wear your clothes if they are presented well and those “I have nothing to wear” moments will be a thing of the past.
This is how I clean out my closet, go through every item and either throw out, donate, store or display (actually in your wardrobe).  The trick is to be RUTHLESS!  Ideally, you want to be using 50% of your display items regularly, at least 5 times a month, the other 50% is for off season and special occasion items.  This is where the storage system is key.  All the items, like shoes, handbags, clothes that you wear once in a blue moon but aren’t ready to let go of yet, store them.   Start a notebook with all the items you have stored recorded inside and keep the notebook handy in your wardrobe.
Step 2. Organise
Organisation is not only a fundamental part of your wardrobe's function, it will make everything look pretty too.  I have hanging sections for dresses, tops, jackets, sweaters, pants/skirts and coats, then all shorts, underwear, workout clothes, pyjamas + swimwear should go in drawers.  Once you have all your clothes in sections, organising them into colours is a must!

Step 3. Display
So you have spent all this money on clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery etc, why not display them the way they deserve.  All you need are a few shelves, which most wardrobes have.  Resist the temptation to store clothes on shelves, they rarely ever look neat and easily end up in a mess.  The most successful wardrobes won’t have a folded item in sight. 
  I find the best items for display are high heels, jewellery boxes, perfume, shoe boxes + generally anything you really love and want to see every day.  I have my Marc Jacobs Lola ring on display as it makes me think of Lola every time I see it.

Now as beautiful and expensive handbags are, they are difficult to display, unless you have loads of shelving, they are bulky, take up loads of space and can look untidy.  So I store the handbags I rarely use and put the others in their dust bags in drawers.

So make some time to give your fashion the home it deserves and you will have your very own uber stylish designer boutique.  
If you give your wardrobe a stylish makeover, be sure to post a photo on my Facebook wall, I would love to see it!

xx L.
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