DIY Plant Hanger

DIY Plant Hanger
Sisal rope + brass fittings + succulent + love = pretty

I am in love with the on trend macrame pot hangers that seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment.  I thought I would try my hand at some knot tying but when I got my sisal rope home I realised it was too thick to tie knots in, so here is my knot free version of the macrame pot hanger.

What you will need to create this beauty for your home;
4 x 1.5 metre lengths of sisal rope - I bought mine from Bunnings in a 10 metre pack
2 x smaller pieces of sisal to wrap around top + bottom 
8 brass fittings that fit two pieces of rope snuggly - again from Bunnings
Succulent or any plant in a nice pot

  • Take your 4 pieces of rope + fold in half to find middle, wind another piece of rope at the top of the folded pieces to form a loop to hang it from.
  • Take 2 pieces of rope at a time thread through one brass fitting, see picture.
  • Take two pieces from different brass fittings + thread through another fitting, see picture,
  • Bring all pieces of rope together and wind another piece of sisal around to finish it off.
  • Just use a bit of trial + error to get the spacing right.
  • Place your plant in through the top and voila!  A pretty hanging pot holder that your nan would be proud of! 

xx L.

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