DIY Valentine's

  Cheap + Cheerful DIY Valentine's Day Ideas

If your anything like me when Valentine's Day comes around, I want to do something nice for hubby but don't want to spend big bucks in the process.  I have found the cutest DIY idea from the U.S. Better Homes and Gardens using things you already have straight out of your pantry!

If you are really feeling the love you could go overboard and pack a whole lunchbox for your special one or you could just do one or two of the following ideas and sneak it into their lunch!  


The Starburst one would be adorable in your child's lunchbox, but with "I'm just bursting with happiness that your are my son/daughter!"
These labels + many more are all available on the BHG website, or even better, just hand write them on a nice piece of paper or a paint sample card.  (I always have a stack of these on hand!)  If you love the lunchbox idea, I found the mini suitcases over at Trendy Tots for $10.95 each.

Happy Valentine's Day
xx L.