DIY Glitter Confetti Egg Bombs


DIY Glitter Confetti Egg Bombs

With Easter coming up I thought I would do a post on this adorable party favour we had at Lola's party on the weekend, as it is a fun, creative + the kids absolutely loved it!

What you will need:

Eggs +  egg carton
Pin/sewing needle
100's + 1000's
Sticky Tape

Step 1.  Egg Preparation - Poke a hole in the larger end of an egg with a pin or sewing needle, then chisel out enough shell to make a 2cm whole.  Poke the sharp end of the skewer in the whole and break the yolk, drain the contents out using the skewer to help.  (I drained mine into a bowl + used for cooking)  Rinse the egg out + allow to dry.

Step 2.  Egg Decoration - Place some glue on half the egg and then sprinkle confetti or 100's + 1000's on, shaking off excess, place in egg carton to dry.

Step 3.  Filling - Using a rolled up piece of paper, tip glitter inside egg, then add some confetti.

Step 4.  Tape up hole.

Step 5.  Let the fun begin!

Another cute idea for Easter is adding a little message from the Easter Bunny on a rolled up piece of paper, or even having a treasure hunt with the clues inside each egg.  This would be such a lovely tradition to begin, one your children could even pass on to their kids.  So get your craft on this Good Friday + create some amazingness!! 

Stay tuned for the complete run down on Lola's Sprinkle Party + her bedroom makeover!  If you would like to be kept in the loop + for extra pictures just follow me on Facebook or Instagram @theurchincollective!

xx L.