Instagram 101

Instagram 101
"Not just another photo sharing app but the 
Yellow Pages of the design industry!!"

I have recently become a huge fan of Instagram + a confessed Insta~addict!  But in talking to a lot of friends + acquaintances some of them just don't get the Instagram concept.  The huge misconception is that it is "just another Facebook", but it truly isn't, it offers so much more for the user.  I can hear you all saying "I don't need another app to share my photos", well how about thinking of it is a design directory, full of unique ideas + beautiful inspiration.  I would go as far as saying it is the Yellow Pages of the design industry, giving unprecedented access to some of the best designers, artists + stylists. 

Now for a quick run down of the app itself.

This is your feed of all of the accounts you are following, similar to Facebook but NO ads!!!
Users '@' + Hashtags '#'
 Just remember 'USERS' are people/business accounts, 'HASHTAGS' are walls of photos that people have hashtagged.  For example, if you were looking for some birthday cake inspiration you would search 'birthdaycake' in the hashtags tab.  If you were looking for a designer or person you would search 'kirrilyjohnston' in the users tab.  To let a friend or one of your followers to see a photo you upload or find you have to write their name e.g. @urchincollective in the comment section of the photo so it comes up in their news.

Super user friendly + the filters can make any photo look beautiful.  Hint ~ use the one filter for all of your photos to achieve a consistent look to your profile wall.

There are two types of users on Instagram, people like me, a public user who wants to promote my blog + all of my projects + then there are the private users who use it to share their own photos.  If you don't have the need for another photo sharing app, you can create a private account with absolutely no photos at all + just start following some of the amazing people on there!

Here are my Top 5 Instagrammers for Design, Interiors + Fashion:

1. Megan Morton ~ @megan_morton ~ Sydney based interior + fashion stylist who runs The School, they offer wonderful classes in all things creative.
2. Sibella Court@sibellacourt ~ Sydney based interior stylist + creative director of The Society Inc.
3. Leandra Medina@manrepeller ~ US author + fashion blogger of Man Repeller, a humorous site for serious fashion.
4. Anna Spiro@annaspiro ~Brisbane based interior stylist, blogger of absolutelybeautifulthings~ and owner of the amazing store Blak + Spiro.
5. Magazines ~ most of your favourite magazines will have an Instagram account, keeping you in the loop on latest designers, design fairs + lots of beautiful photos.  My favourites are @insideoutmag @reallivingmag @vogueliving @frankiemagazine

One of my other favourite uses for Instagram is following my favourite shops, brands + boutiques, they keep you up to date on exciting new stock, events + most importantly sales!  

If you love beautiful things, being inspired + becoming part of a friendly community it's time to join Instagram! Oh + of course, remember to follow me!! @urchincollective

xx L.

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