Lola's Sprinkle Birthday Party ~ Part 2 ~


Lola's Sprinkle Birthday Party
~ Part 2 The Food~

With "sprinkle" as the theme of Lola's party, the possibilities were just endless for all of the yummy food.  I actually really enjoyed making the food + my three daughters got in on the fun too!  I'll start with the finger food + finish of with THAT cake!

My favourite finger food was definitely these 100's + 1000's moustaches + they were everyone else's favourites as they were the first to go!  I must admit they weren't easy to make, I had lots more break then I actually ended up with.  

First of all you will need some moustache cookie cutters, I just bought some off eBay.  Melt some chocolate then spread a thick layer onto baking paper.  Now this is the tricky part, wait by your chocolate until it is the perfect consistency to press your moustaches into.  Don't be tempted to walk away as you will miss your opportunity. Too runny, the shape won't hold, too hard it will crack.  Once it is at the right consistency, work fast to sprinkle with 100's + 1000's then cut the moustaches, leave them on the tray + pop into the fridge until they harden up.  When they have set, put a straw on the back with a generous amount of melted chocolate.  Aren't they just delightful!

Now for some yummy dipped marshmallows!

These were super easy to make + my girls help do the majority of them.  Just melts down some white chocolate, dip the marshmallow in half way then sprinkle 100's + 1000's over with a spoon. 

Yum Yum!!
This was the first time I attempted cake pops + I must say they are a bit fiddly.  I had to buy a cake pop tin for the cake so I decided to have a crack at them.  I did try to dip them in chocolate but they became way to heavy for the sticks so I ended up just putting some butter cream icing on them then sprinkling 100's + 1000's on top.

Some more chocolate dipped + 100's + 1000's yummys....
Dipped wafer sticks, just the ones you buy from the super market dipped in white chocolate + 100's +1000's.
For something kind of healthy, chocolate sprinkle strawberries.
Regular, medium + large freckles made a pretty addition to the table.  A lovely gift from my friend Donna, thanks!
Last but not least some raspberry jelly in plastic shot cups, sprinkled with 100's + 1000's.

I also made cupcakes + fairy bread for the 3 tier cake stands.  I added these toppers I made to tie it all together.  Just printed them on my home computer, hand cut then stuck them to toothpicks. 

Now for THAT cake!

So the whole cake story started when a couple of readers, Amy + Simone emailed me a photo of a cake with spots inside.  Yes it looked complicated but I was up for the challenge!!
I decided to cover the cake in hand made fondant confetti.  Another job my girls were good at as it is like working with play doh.  I just bought the ready made icing from the supermarket.
I coloured it with food colouring, rolled it flat, then using the end of a piping tool, cut out 100's of pieces of fondant confetti.
Just let it dry out uncovered over night + in the morning you will have hard fondant confetti.
I iced the cake with a simple butter cream icing + literally threw the fondant confetti on top.
Now for the inside, spots to match the confetti, what a fun surprise!!
For the cake it self I used my trusty White Wings Perfectly Golden Butter Cake mixes.  For the coloured dots, I used the same cake mix but added an extra egg to make the batter a bit firmer.  I made a tray of cake pops in 6 colours, just using food colouring.
The trick to baking them just right is baking them in a low heat, about 150 degrees for 12-15 minutes, not letting them brown on the outside creating a brown ring in the cake.
When they are ready they will look like this...
After they are cool grab a pair of scissors + trim off the extra cake to make perfect spheres.  (I didn't put mine in the fridge or freezer, just let them cool).
Pour half of the plain cake mix into your tins, then place your spheres inside, covering with more cake mix.  You can mark the edge of the tin with some coloured mix to remember where the colours are so you can avoid them lining up when you assemble the cake later.
Bake according to the directions on the packet.
The cake was not only a fun surprise once cut but it was truly delicious!

Well I hope you have enjoyed all the details of Lola's Sprinkle Party + have found some fun ideas for your next party.  If you do make anything from the party, I would love, love, love to see a photo, so please post it on my Facebook wall!
xx L.