Lola's Sprinkle Party


Lola's Sprinkle Birthday Party 
~ Part 1 Decorations ~

My little baby turned 3 last month + to celebrate we decided to "sprinkle her with love", literally!  To tell you the truth I was lacking motivation to organise her party this year, but I realise now, it was because I just hadn't fallen in love with a theme, that was until I decided on 100's + 1000's + it was smooth sailing after that!  This concept eventually evolved into the sprinkle theme when I came across some really fun ideas using confetti.

There are so many details + DIY ideas from Lola's party I have decided to break the blog posts into 2 parts, part 1, decorations/stationary + part 2, the food.  Let's start right at the beginning with the invitations!
I put the invitation together with a simple to use Apple program called Pages on my Mac.  I saved the file as a JPEG + had them printed at Officeworks as a standard 6x4 photo for 9 cents a print!  I printed the envelopes myself on my home printer + Lola helped me put confetti in the envelopes + seal them shut.
I couldn't believe how much Lola enjoyed walking down to our local post box carrying her party invitations.  It truly is the simple things in life!!!

 Now for the party!!!

The party table!  I had so much fun coming up with ideas + making the food for the party.  My two other daughters helped me so much as there was a tonne of things to dip in 100's + 1000's.  Part 2 of all the food details/recipes is coming soon so stay tuned.  Just like The Urchin Collective page on FaceBook to get in the loop.
I love, love, love these confetti balloons!  I bought clear balloons, put some tissue paper confetti inside, then inflated them with helium!  So easy yet so beautiful.  I used striped twine instead of the standard balloon ribbon to give it that extra special touch.
For the jumbo confetti + letters on the wall, I just hand cut them out from good old cardpaper, time consuming.......yes ........ cheap + easy........YES!
I wanted to create a fun wall that could serve as a pretty back drop for photos.

Here's the birthday girl sneaking something yummy from the party table before her guests arrived.
For the outside,  I used some of the jumbo confetti dots + ran them through the sewing machine to make some pretty garlands.  I also couldn't resist buying some of these clear jumbo size balloons,  I put more confetti inside that I hand cut out of tissue paper.

 Now for some fun!  The main party game for the day was "sprinkle your friend with a glitter bomb!"  What child doesn't love cracking open an egg let alone one filled with pretty glitter + confetti.
Again these were a bit time consuming but super cheap!  I initially tried dying the eggs but I wasn't happy with the colours so I decided to cover them in 100's + 1000's + confetti.   Check out the full glitter bombs tutorial here!

Another cheap + cheerful idea was to "sprinkle the driveway with drawings".
 To really "Sprinkle Lola with love",  I handed out these little tubs of confetti to the older kids + adults, to sprinkle on Lola when she blew out her candles.

How cute is that!!!

Last but not least, along with the lolly bags, each family took home their very own jar of 100's + 1000's so they could "sprinkle their family with love".  I picked up the spice jars from Ikea, $2.49 for a 4 pack!
My beautiful friend Leah took this literally + gave her gorgeous baby Audrey a sprinkle bath when they got home!  
Beyond adorable!!
That's all for now, but stay tuned via Facebook for the second instalment about all the yummy food!

Happy birthday my beautiful baby!! xx Mum
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xx L.