DIY Dip Dyed Sneakers


D.I.Y. Dip Dyed Sneakers

I was browsing the fine wares at my local Vinnie's store the other day when I stumbled across a pair of plain white sneakers, in my size for a measly $4!!  I had been wanting to dye a pair of canvas shoes for a while now + had logged the thought in my memory bank of ideas, stumbling upon these was confirmation I just had to try it out.

Here's how I did it.
I bought a packet of dye from my local art store, the colours available are amazing, I chose this royal blue.  
The first step was rubbing vaseline on to the sole edges to prevent them dying, be generous with your application.  I then soaked the shoes in water, making sure they were completely wet, this enables the dye to absorb evenly.

I followed the instructions on the dye pack, took a deep breath + went for it, no turning back now!  I just dipped for a couple of minutes each.
To blend the colour I used a damp chux to spread the dye.  They actually looked pretty cool with a sharp dye line too!
I rinsed the excess dye off + put in the sun to dry.
Here are my newly dipped dyed sneakers!
I know you can get these white canvas sneakers from Big W, Target + K Mart for under $10, they usually hit stores around spring time.

xx L.