DIY Paint Dipped Jars + Bottles


DIY Paint Dipped Jars

You will need:
Paint - I found paint sample pots from the hardware store had the best consistency for dipping + they are more economic than art paint.
Sticky tape
Clothes line/clothes horse
Tie string around each jar and secure with sticky tape so you can hang the paint dipped jar to dry.
If your paint's container is too small to dip jar into, tip paint into a larger one, I found plant pots good for this.
Dip jar in paint, be careful no to touch sides of paint tin and get creative with the line you create.  If you want perfect lines, tape with masking tape first.

Hang the jars, leaving enough room between each one incase the wind blows them around.

Enjoy your vibrant new jars anyway you like... a vase... tea lights...

xx L.