A Day in the Life Of | Loni Parker | Editor of Adore Magazine


A Day in the Life Of | Loni Parker | Editor of Adore Magazine

Welcome to The Urchin Collective’s newest section, ‘a day in the life of’, bringing you an unique insight into the lives of creative people, living their dreams through their careers.  Inspiration is found in so many places, but my absolute favourite source of inspiration has to be through people themselves, especially woman.  

To kick off this section in style my first profile will be of the beautiful Loni Parker, Editor of Adore Magazine, Australia’s first free online home + lifestyle magazine.  If you are yet to check out the amazingness amongst the pages of Adore, prepared to be wowed!  Beautiful homes with the most exciting colour palettes, new + innovative products, all available online with just one click.  Reading Adore is not only inspiring but a completely unique + interactive experience.  Loni features the most stunning homes, she will tempt you with exotic holiday destinations + yummy recipes, offer you tips and design advice, + introduce you to some pretty talented artists and bloggers.
Thinking about a career change or starting your own business?  Then take some precious ‘me time’ to read on + find out all about this amazing woman + how she has created her very own dream career.
Tell us a little about your background – what did you study and what path led you to where you are now?
I studied graphic design at the Queensland College of Art in Brisbane and worked as a graphic designer at a small publishing company for about 8 years before taking the plunge and doing Adore Home magazine full-time.

Did you have an ‘aha’ moment that gave you the confidence to leave your previous job to start Adore?
I'm not sure if it was an 'aha' moment - I guess I was feeling pretty run down working a full time job and doing Adore at the same time (I was doing that for about 2 years before finally quitting my day-job). I think for me it was a combination of things. Things were also starting to pick up in terms of advertising in both the magazine and the blog which allowed me to pay myself a wage so once I could afford to do that I took the plunge and have never looked back.

How long had Adore been in concept and development stages before launching?
I think about 3 months... I was at a bit of a cross-roads when I decided to start Adore Home magazine. I was thinking about moving to Sydney to pursue a career in graphic design at one of the big magazine publishers or I was going to create my own magazine. My friend Cassie kind of nudged me in the direction of trying the online magazine as I had nothing to lose - so I did and was pretty overwhelmed at the response! It kind of made sense for me to start an online magazine, I had 8 years of experience as a graphic designer at a publishing company that created magazines. I also had a real passion for interior design and so I just thought I'd mesh the two together. If I hadn't had that magazine experience I'm not sure I would be here today - it has taught me so much.

What does a typical day at work involve for you?
A typical day at work for me is checking my emails first thing in the morning, and then working on the magazine (and book lately). So that could mean designing a layout for the magazine, sourcing products for an upcoming photo shoot, looking for homes for the magazine (and book), doing some account keeping, selling advertisements (and designing them), blogging, keeping up with social media, outsourcing photographers and writers to work on content for the magazine etc. I'm pretty much a one-man band here so I do a lot of different things. I do employ the help of various freelancers like writers, photographers, stylists etc for things I'm unable to do myself.

What is your favourite and least favourite part of your typical day?
My favourite part is getting images in from recent photo shoots. That is extremely thrilling - honestly it's better than Christmas! My least favourite is account keeping stuff. That really bores me - I'm more of a creative mind - so it's fair to say numbers aren't really my thing!

Can you list for us 3 resources across any media that you turn to regularly for creative inspiration?
I regularly visit One Fine Day blog. The creator behind it, Ashley, is one talented chicky and creates the most inspiring product blog posts - honestly it's pure eye candy. 
I also visit Peep My Style blog daily. It basically follows Claudia (a regular stylist for Adore) and her amazing thrift shop finds, plus all things interior design. 
I'm also addicted to instagram. It's such a great tool for me to find new products or homes to feature in the magazine. 

Which Australian designers, artists or creative people are you most inspired by at the moment?
I'm inspired by Shannon Morton (a talented graphic designer) who recently did the art direction and concept design for the Adore Home book. That's definitely been inspiring me lately and it's been a joy for me to design the book using Shannon's beautiful layouts. Interior designer Caitlin Wilson is another inspiration. Her beautiful textiles are just gorgeous and I'm itching to stock some more of her new designs in my online store soon.

What is your proudest career achievement to date?
I won Best Designer (for the business to business magazines section) at the Publishers Australia Excellence Awards in 2009 (when I was still at my old job). That was pretty cool - a definite highlight for my graphic design career. But in general, I think Adore Home magazine is my proudest achievement. The very fact that I get to do this as my full time job is pretty remarkable and I have to pinch myself everyday that it's real!

What are you most looking forward to for Adore?
Definitely looking forward to my upcoming US trip. I'm visiting California in August this year to do some research for our special California edition coming out in October. Also the book being launched in November this year will be a pretty big achievement for Adore.

What’s the best thing about your job?
Working from home. Nothing beats it - just being able to wear slippers and PJ's to work is my ultimate dream come true. Haha.

What would be your biggest piece of advice for someone following their dream and starting their own business?
Go for it! Don't listen to people in your life who tell you you're silly or shouldn't do it. If we listened to those people no one would ever start a business. Sure you might fail but I think it's better to fail than to have never tried at all. I have had two other 'failed' business attempts before Adore - so trust me it's a reality that things don't always work out - but I learnt from my mistakes and didn't give up pursuing my ideas and eventually things panned out for me. Also make sure to do your research before starting and think about how your business stands out from the rest.

Being based in Brisbane, what is your favourite retail store to visit?
I love Magnolia Interiors, Black & Spiro and St Barts for a bit of interior shopping and inspiration. 

Where is your favourite place to eat in Brisbane?
Probably breakfast at 'Jam' in Nundah. Consistently good brekkie plus it's not far from where I live.

Describe your typical Sunday morning?
Breakfast at Jam, then off to New Farm to pick up some fresh flowers from Coles (they have an amazingly big range for a supermarket). Might browse some shops on James Street in Fortitude Valley before heading home to work! I'm a workaholic so I pretty much work day and night.

xx Loni Parker
Adore Home magazine

So grab a cuppa, a couple of biccys + jump over to Adore’s website + have a read of a truly beautiful magazine.  

xx L.