DIY Father's Day Gift Idea that is RAD!


DIY Father's Day Gift Idea that is

I always find Father's day so hard as my hubby's birthday is right at the end of August, so I have already used all of my (amazing) gift ideas.  I also like to make something with the girls, as lets face it, the present is meant to be from them, a thoughtful gift to say, "we a appreciate you!"  Finding something that my girls can make, but isn't tacky is easier said than done.  I've always loved string art + my girls had never tried it,  so I came up with a cute saying they could easily string dad is rad!

What you will need:
A piece of timber, any scrap piece will do.
Paint brush
White paint, I just used some interior wall paint I already had.
A packet of small nails, about $4 at hardware store
Embroidery string in 6 colours, 79c each from Lincraft.  I needed 2 of each colour.
Tweezers, these come in handy when tying knots.
"Our Dad is Rad!" template, see below.
Step 1.  Size the below template according to the size of your piece of timber + print.  The font is Blackout is you would like to download it yourself.

Step 2.  Position the template and secure with nails on the letters at top and bottom, then start nailing.  Be prepared for some serious wrist RSI, I found breaking up the hammering into smaller sessions made it easier.  Be sure to hammer in your nails enough so they don't pop out when the kids are stringing.

Step 3.  Once all of your nailing is done, carefully tear the paper template away.

Step 4.  Get creative + start stringing!!  The best thing about string art is the kids can get crazy with colour and patterns, there are no rules, just enjoy.  

Stringing does require patience + your kiddies might need some help with knotting on + off as well as cutting.

This is a great gift for Dad to take to work + put on his desk with pride, or maybe somewhere in the house as it's too pretty not to!

Wishing you all a wonderful Father's Day with your family.

xx L.