The Urchin Collective's Guide to Bali | Seminyak Guide


My Guide to Bali | Seminyak 

Last week I visited Bali for my very first time.  I admit, Bali was never high on my destination list, I had been put off by all the bad media it so often receives.  My visit came about when some girlfriends organised a trip without kids...the offer was just too tempting to pass up on.

I was nervous about travelling there + rather anxious in the lead up to the trip, was dreading Densapar Airport + heard lots of scary things about the Police.  But, can I tell was ahhhh-mazing!  Bali has so much beauty to offer, not only the scenery, but it's lovely people.  Yes, there is poverty + glimpses of third world conditions on the streets, but the juxtaposition against it's beauty is truly breathtaking.

Amazing street art like this is everywhere, there is this unexpected air of creativeness in nearly every street.
There are glimpses of extreme beauty amongst poverty stricken buildings everywhere.  Zoom out of frame of this adorable door surrounded by lush vegetation + you will see barbed wire, mangy dogs + bottomless holes in the ground.

So where to start on my guide to Bali, the best breakfast in Seminyak of course!
 Sea Circus has the yummiest breakfast, the best coffee + the only strong wifi connection in Seminyak.

 Not to mention colourful juices, amazing music + vibrant decor.

After your amazing breakky, you will be in the need for some shopping, in the same street are the boat sheds, with some pretty adorable shops, including the delightful Mr Zimi, where I got my pink cockatoo skirt pictured earlier.
 Yes, that tree has been painted with white chevron.  If only I had a palm tree in my backyard, there would be a DIY post in the making for sure.....actually,  I will plant one, just so I can recreate this amazingness!
Be sure the check out the clearance Mr Zimi store just around the corner, there is a good menswear store a couple of doors up also.

Now after all that shopping it must be time for a cocktail!  You're in luck, just across the road from the clearance Mr Zimi is my favourite restaurant in Bali, Motel Mexicola!  Be prepared to be floored by it's visual brilliance!  The colours, the textures, the tiles, the decor + the candles will blow your mind!

Relax at the bar + try one of their many amazing cocktails + snack on their tasty taquitos, they are a tiny bite sized morsel of deliciousness.  My favourite was the pork taquito with pineapple salsa + you have to have the guacamole.

So you've rested your legs + refuelled your belly, more shopping anyone?
 There are some pretty amazing shop fronts + fit outs in Seminyak, including this lush green wall of Lily Jean/Basic and just up the road on the other side of the street is this uber cool swimming pool sticker on the floor, it looks so real!    These boutiques are not what I expected, high end, mid to high prices + absolutely no bargaining, the prices are as is.
After pounding the pavement + racking up some serious debt on your credit card, it's time to put your feet up, grab some food, a cocktail, soak up some rays + watch the sun set over the ocean, something we don't get to see on the east coast of Australia.

The pick of the beachfront bars/hotels has to be Potato Head Beach Club.  Prepare to wait a while for a daybed, but time flies when your sipping on a cocktail going through your recent purchases. 
A share bowl of their signature sangria is a must + the cheese plate is to die for!
If you love good branding + ingenious graphic design, you will appreciate Potato Head's extensive cocktail/wine list, an exercise book full of cute illustrations, stickers + dozens of amazing cocktails to choose from.  The service is impeccable, the beats are cool and the decor is pretty amazing, including some luscious green walls.
So if you haven't already gathered, I have fallen in love with a little place called Bali.  I am desperate to take my family over and share with them all the beauty I discovered.  I felt completely safe, didn't get Bali belly + found all the people lovely.

xx L.