DIY Floral Ice Cubes

To celebrate the stunning weather we have been enjoying this Spring, try your hand at these wonderfully colourful and delicately beautiful floral ice cubes.

You will need:
Edible flowers such as snap dragons and pansies.
Bottled water
Ice tray or plastic sauce containers, I bought mine from Woolworths
Cooler bag that will fit you ice tray or containers in.

1. To avoid ice turning cloudy, use bottled water as tap water has air and impurities that cause clouding like cubes pictured above.  To suspend flowers in ice, half fill container with water and place flowers inside, making sure there are no air bubbles.  
2. Place in cooler bag, (freezing water slowly decreases cloudiness) and freeze for a couple of hours.  When frozen, fill the remaining half with water and freeze.  Do not leave in freezer overnight, as the longer they are in the freezer the more chance they will cloud.

These are so effortlessly pretty and are sure to impress even the most picky party guest.

Enjoy & forever be creative!

xx L.