My Intern 32!! (with Megan Morton!!)


That’s right peeps, I officially began my very first internship a few weeks ago at the ripe old age of 32!  We all have our own idols, the people we look up to, draw inspiration from and aspire to be.  Whether it's a sports icon, a great chef or an artist, we all have the ultimate celebrity of our own individual passion.  My personal icon is Megan Morton, she is truly like no other.  Interior stylist, house whisperer, mother + lover of all things beautiful.  She is the mecca of my creative kingdom.  I have followed her from a distance like so many of us do with our own icons across her social media, thinking, WOW!  I aspire to live + breathe creativity just as she does.

I took this photo as part of my intern application, because........Megan Morton makes me happy!!!
Be sure to check out all things Megan Morton-ness on her Facebook, The School and Insta!!

I had been thinking of approaching her to see if she would be interested in taking me on as her intern but my brain had always talked myself out of it.  Even when she put the call out for a new intern, my heart said yes but my brain rolled out all the practical will I juggle the kids, school pick ups, drop offs, holidays!!!!  The thought of it all ALMOST landed the idea into the too hard basket.  It wasn’t until I watched a really inspiring movie about big wave surfer Jay Moriarity, Chasing Mavericks.  “Jay was the kind of person that just did things, he didn’t let his brain talk him out of what his heart wanted to do”.  BOOM!  It hit me, the curtains were lifted, my brain was talking me out of what my heart wanted to do.  So I put all the reasons why I shouldn’t apply, my kids, fear of failure, self doubt, my age, lack of relevant experience, scrunched them up and tossed them out with the rubbish where they belonged and the rest is history.

So, what do I hope you will get out of me sharing my humble little life as an intern at 32?  It is truly never too late to follow your dreams, even if it sounds like a massive cliche.  Have the strength to start all over, even if the road seems long and winding.   Stop your brain from coming up with excuses, they will overwhelm you and prevent you from acting on your true instincts.  Most importantly, conquer your fear of failing.  If something comes from deep within, you won’t fail!

Sorry for the deep and mushy post, these will be far and few between.  Onto some light, Spring inspired D.I.Y. next...I promise!

xx L.