Learning Modern Basketry at The School


On Sunday I did a pretty amazing class at The School, Modern Basketry.  When I saw this class on The School's website, my inner maker told me basketry is something you definitely need to add you crafting arsenal.  

Now a class at The School is a class like no other.  The white on white studio offers the perfect backdrop for your day of crafting not to mention all of the incredible curiosities bought together by the styling prowess of Megan Morton and Sophie The. 

When you walk into this incredible space you will have trouble containing your inner urges to get creative.  The best thing is, there is a room full of people just itching to do the same thing.

Our teacher was Harriet Goodall, think tall, think pretty, think one part super model, one part master weaver.  Harriet guided as effortlessly through the class, showing us how to transform this intimidating pile of rattan core into stunning baskets worthy of the shelves of Koskela!

15 minutes into weaving my basket, I am beginning to doubt my crafting ability,  it's not really turning out as I imagined.  Harriet assures me, there are no mistakes, even the mistakes will only make your basket more beautiful.  Now that is my kind of crafting! 

Lo and behold, another 20 minutes in and my basket is actually looking like a basket!  I finish up with some white spray paint (as mine is too big to dip) and can't believe what I have made.  I love my little basket and decide there and then I am going to make these as Christmas presents, now that I am a fully profesh weaver! 

So if you want to unleash your inner crafter with the absolute guarantee of making something ridiculously amazing then this is the class for you.  There is another one on in March next year, check out all the details right here and ps. the catering alone makes this class worthwhile!

xx L.