My Top 3 Free Photoshop Brushes + Free Watercolor Wallpaper


I have a new obsession, it is Photoshop brushes!  There are so many amazingly creative options out there and what you can do with them is out of this world.  Let the count down begin!

Super simple + easy to use with some pretty cool results!  Find this free Drip Brush Set here.

This Vintage Badge set comes in super handy, I whipped up my own one in about 5 minutes.

Now for my favourite brush set at the moment, Watercolor Smudges & Drips, I just can't get enough of it, could play around with them for days!  Here's proof, a free water colour wallpaper for you to enjoy!

Just click on the below image to open it in full size, then save to your computer.  Right click (on a Mac and select 'set Desktop picture'.
If you are new to or a bit afraid of Photoshop, or find it overwhelming, the trick is to learn one thing at a time, you will be surprised how many little things you will learn along the way.

Enjoy! xx L.