The Distillery's Frontiers Collection & Workshop


The Distillery's Frontiers Collection & Workshop

Being a graphic designer and having a deep, burning love for old-school typography, when Loretta gave me the opportunity to visit The Distillery to write a guest blog post for The Urchin Collective, the opportunity was just too good to pass!
The guys at The Distillery are passionate about letterpress printing and are inspired by the heritage – the machine we were lucky enough to use was from 1958! Crafting beautiful wedding stationery, business cards & tactile print collateral that makes a statement, is what they do best.
Feeling like a complete print-nerd and donning my Distillery apron, I learnt how to mix Pantone ink, Pantone 1905 Red to be exact – and I was in heaven. Justin was the ink mix-master and he was lovely!
We then met Daryl (who we later found out was the driving force for their new Frontiers Collection of artwork) and he showed us the ropes when it comes to the old Heidelberg letterpress, punching The Urchin Collective’s logo into fluffy cotton paper – super spesh!
Not only is The Distillery an awesome print & design house, but they sell unique cards and prints for a very purchasable price!
 The new Frontier’s Collection is inspired by the exploration era and the prints are seriously cool. Plus they hold Letterpress Printing Classes so we can all learn about the amazingness of this historic craft! 
xx Leah

I hope you have enjoyed The Urchin Collective's first ever guest post by the lovely Leah Hill.  Do you have something interesting you would like to share?  Are you a creative soul with a passion for the beautiful?  Are you renovating or decorating your home, maybe you are an artist or a creative.  Well I need you!  I am looking for guest contributors for The Urchin Collective so if this is you please send me an email!  If this isn't you but you have a product or business in the creative industry that you would like to share than feel free to contact me also.  Fresh contributors means fresh content!

xx L.