The Most Versatile Christmas Decoration Ever ~ Gold Glitter Dipped Feathers


These whimsical little guys are seriously the most versatile Christmas Decoration ever!  Perfect for that special touch on your gifts...

 or strung together to make a pretty garland 

even as a decoration on your tree.

I made these beauties for a Christmas window install I did for South of the Border and I couldn't resist sharing them with you, they are the perfect Christmas craft project.  Easy, cheap, versatile and gorgeous!

What you will need:
Feathers - I bought packets from Eckersley's for under $4, there is about 35 in each pack.  You might find the ends have been chopped off, annoying!  So I just gave them a haircut bringing the ends to a tapered end, like a feather should be.
Gold paint - Reeves acrylic again from Eckersley's, $6.  One tube was just enough for me to hand paint both sides of 100 feathers.

This is my painting layout, I laid the feathers in a row on a piece of paper, covered the part I didn't want painted then secured with tape.  I painted about 5 then sprinkled with glitter before the paint dryer.  Some other DIY posts suggest using glue, I skipped this step all together and the glitter stuck perfectly. Also don't tape your actual feathers down as you will have to painstakingly remove the tape from the delicate feathers themselves.  After each row, gently lift each feather up and place on clean piece of paper to dry.  It is important to relocated each feather after painting otherwise it will stick to the paper.  

Here is a sneak glimpse of the window install I did for South of the Border's Bondi store, if you want to see more pop in for a look!

xx L.