My new exciting venture!!!


I have some exciting news about a innovative new website I am involved in, The Creative Socialight.  It is a collaboration between myself,  a photographer and a graphic designer who are all passionate about shining a light on the brilliant minds and the creative amazingness the Sutherland Shire has to offer.  

Think part magazine, part blog, part website and complete inspiration.  If you don't live in the Shire, don't be discouraged!  We promise to profile fresh, emerging talent alongside creatives who have been established for years, providing insight and inspiration to all the dreamers out there.  

I know for myself, reading about people who have built a career around their truest passion uplifts me in a way nothing else can.  People inspire people!  The reason for making it about The Shire is our way of giving back to our local community.   The 'social' part of our name reflects our passion to hold events, providing a platform for fellow creatives to meet and connect, learn and inspire, create and dream.  So if you are a dreamer, if part of you yearns for something creative, maybe you have been thinking of quitting your accounting job to become a candle stick maker, then The Creative Socialight is for you!  Be sure to check out our shiny new website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep in the creative loop!!!

xx L.