The Urchin Collective's Guide to Bali | Part 2 Dining in Seminyak


If you are yet to visit Bali, or haven't been for many years then you probably don't know that many of the restaurants rival the best we have to offer here in Australia.  If you love good food then you will love my hit list of places to eat in Seminyak.  The cool thing about the restaurants in Bali are the interiors, they are simply beautiful, fresh and sophisticated and completely innovative. I can guarantee you will leave with loads of ideas you will want to recreate in your own home!  

Mama San Bali - Jl. Raya Kerobokan No. 135

Ok, I am self admitted dumpling addict, I absolutely love them, not to mention some roast duck or a wonton soup.  This place is jaw dropping kind of wonderful.  Not only is the food some of the best I have ever eaten but the interiors will have you snapping up pictures on your phone to Instagram, left right and centre!

How perfect is this French Hang!  For another hot tip, make sure you go to the bathroom, some old school service with a man handing you fresh towels after you have washed your hands.  They really have thought of everything!

Pick of the menu has to be any of the dumplings, the roast duck and you can not go past the deep fried ice cream for dessert.  Bookings are absolutely essential, do it before you leave home to make sure and children are welcome at lunch time sittings.  They also offer Yum Cha on Sundays!

Petitenget - Jl. Petitenget No.40X Seminyak, Bali.

This place is so good! A must visit for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Fresh, yummy food to suit everyone, reasonably priced and suitable for your little folk.  Interior inspiration pics have been officially filed under the category of dream home!

Sisterfields - Jl. Kayu Cendana No.7 Seminyak

Sisterfields is one of the newest additions on the Seminyak dining scene, another great cafe for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Super yummy hamburgers, loads of freshly made bread and the all elusive healthy salad.  They have a lush green courtyard which is the perfect place for one of their fresh juices and/or scrumptious breakfast options.

Be prepared to be floored by it's visual brilliance! The colours, the textures, the tiles, the decor + the candles will blow your mind! Relax at the bar + try one of their many amazing cocktails + snack on their tasty taquitos, they are a tiny bite sized morsels of deliciousness.  My favourite was the pork taquito with pineapple salsa + you have to try the guacamole.

Now, for your night out without the kids, after you go to one of the super fancy restaurants on offer, Sarong, Sardine or maybe Bamboo, you must go for a drink at La Favela.  It is dark and moody, eclectic and unusual, a visual feast for the senses.  I would say it isn't suitable for little ones but in saying that I did happen to see a little boy, about 4 who was chillin with his folks, playing on his iPad mini at 1am!  Each to their own as anything goes in Bali!

Other notable mentions are Cafe Bali, Grocer & Grind and Sea Circus.
For all of your grocery needs head to Bintang Supermarket or Bali Deli.

xx L.

*All photos that aren't mine are from the restaurants website or social media.