DIY Colour Edge Business Cards

Confession.  I love coloured edging! But, I just couldn't justify the big bucks to get it done by the professionals when I thought..... I can do that!  I have tried and tested this technique after some pretty epic fails following other tutorials on the web, so don't waste your time or business cards doing it any other way! 

What you will need;
Oil based spray paint, I tested water based and it doesn't work
Clamps, I bought these at Bunnings and they were $2 each
Rubber gloves

1. Prepare a good spraying area OUTSIDE!!!  I did 2 batches inside because it was raining and the spray paint left powder everywhere!!  The floor, the walls, it just spreads everywhere!

2. Grab a pile of cards that will fit snugly in the cramps you have, line them up and cramp tight!  I think two cramps for business cards would be enough.

3. You will have to sacrifice the top and bottom card of every batch, unless you cut some cardboard to size.  I reused mine once they were dry.

4. Gloves, I had  pair for spray painting and a pair for handling the finished cards so I didn't get painty finger prints on them.

5. Let's get spraying! Always start spraying just off to the side of your cards, this way you will get a nice even finish, one to two even swipes about 20cm away is perfect.  Spray the three exposed edges, allow 2-3 min to dry then reposition clamps to do fourth edge.


I literally had zero bleed on the yellow batch, a tiny, tiny bit on the pink because it is so dark.  

Coloured edges really give cards that extra pop of colour and creativity!  I think this is my favourite DIY post to date.  

xx L.