Guest Blogger Kate Taylor from Taylor & Cloth is back and she has a special Christmas DIY idea to share.  Get your craft on with the kids this weekend to create your own special family advent calendar, the kids will love it!

Christmas is my favourite time of the year by far! Decorating, Christmas parties, gift giving.... it's fun and you can make it extra special with a little DIY.

For this DIY advent calendar you will need....

- 24 small cotton muslin bags, I got mine from Blank Goods, make sure you fold some paper towel into each bag before stamping, this will ensure the paint does not go through to the other side. 

- number stamps, these are from Blank Goods again.

- a stamp pad

- some neon/coloured paint, I used my screen printing ink but you could use acrylic paints

- a sponge

- a potato and small knife

Carefully and slowly cut out your tree shape. Using a spoon, evenly spread some of the pink paint onto the sponge, you don't need very much. Grab 9 of your muslin bags and start stamping your pink christmas trees onto them. Now leave them to dry with the paper towel still inside.

When you are ready to move onto the next colour, just wash your potato, rinse your sponge and away you go. Play it safe and wait until the trees are completely dry before you stamp the numbers. 

Once the paint is all dry its time to fill your bags with goodies.... 

Now hang somewhere out of reach.... and count the days until December 1!

Pretty cute don't you think? And for a little effort you have an Advent Calendar you can use over and over again! 


If you give this DIY a go make sure you take a picture and post it to Instagram, don't forget to give us a shout out @katetaylorandcloth and @urchincollective and #taylorandclothdiy. #urchincollective

Happy Making!

xx Kate