DIY Colour Bombed Sneakers


Okay, if you don't already know, I have a completely unhealthy obsession with spray paint.  Just can't get enough of the stuff, it's so useful when it come to DIY projects and my collection may be getting somewhat out of hand.  When I saw these sneakers in Kmart for $4 my eyes lit up and and I couldn't resist spray painting them.  

What you'll need:
White sneakers from Kmart, Big W or Target
Spray paint

Carefully tape your shoes, making sure the line across the toe is even Steven across both shoes.

I like to tape the soles up too so they stay nice and clean...

Then spray evenly.  Remember, the trick to neat spray painting is to start spraying just off the shoe then sweeping over the shoe and letting go of the nozzle once you have past the shoe.  This avoids nasty ripples.

Allow to dry, this won't take long.  Carefully remove tape and voila!
Taping the soles earlier makes for a stylish finish!

As for colours, go wild!!  Pretty rad Christmas presents for friends and kids, the only hard part is figuring out their shoe size!

xx L.